Who does not know it: the once beautiful silver jewelery remains in the jewelry box, since it is darkened. So you’d better get to the gold chain or the platinum ring before the silver jewelry for a basic cleaning to the jeweler must be brought. But silver can also be freed from the black patina at home without great effort. If you wear the silver jewelery often it is not so black. However, if you wear other jewelery every day and leave the silver for a long time in the jewelry box, it should clean regularly. As is so often the case, there are numerous home remedies that make the precious pieces shine again.

Tips for cleaning silver

But what should be considered when cleaning silver jewelry? Which detergents can be used? You can find out more here on Silber reinigen.

Why is silver becoming black?

The dark patina, which, incidentally, is not limited to silver jewelery, but also to dishes, silverware, or the inherited silver candlestick is made of silver sulphide. This will form when the silver comes in contact with air. This patina can only be removed by means of a chemical reaction. As a matter of fact, the silver is often oxidized. Precisely, the silver has emitted electrons, and a compound has been formed with sulfur. If free electrons of a lower grade metal, such as aluminum, are added to the silver, these compounds are separated and pure silver is formed again.

Household detergents for silver

A tried and tested home remedy for cleaning the good silver pieces is the use of aluminum foil and salt. Both can be found in every well-stocked household. Place small cut aluminum foil in a bowl and add some salt. Now put your silver in and pour over everything with hot, no longer boiling water. The heat accelerates the reaction. In one to two minutes, you can see that the aluminum foil is black, but your silver jewelery shines bright again. Remove the jewelery from the solution, do not leave it in the way for a long time, otherwise your jewelery will be damaged. If you are still not fully satisfied with the result, you can re-create the solution again. Previously, for this house recipe was used originally Staniol paper containing tin. This did not harm the silver. Aluminum, on the other hand, can damage the silver if used too long. If you use this home remedy, you will notice that an unpleasant smell is formed. This is the dissolved sulfur. You will get a similar result with less odor when replacing the salt with standard citric acid, soda or baking soda. After the bath in the self-stirred solution, the silver jewelry is rinsed under running water and carefully dried with a soft cloth.

Silver cleaning with silver soap, silver cleaning cloth and dipping bath

The trade holds some preparations for silver cleaning. For example, silver polish cloths soaked with dissolving substances. However, they are more suitable for large-area objects, such as a serving platter, and less for filigree jewelry. Because the silver polishing cloth does not allow small pits and ornaments to be thoroughly cleaned. A silver bath is of course the better solution. It contains thiourea, which separates the silver sulphide from the ornaments and can also penetrate into the minute corners of ear rings or into minute chain links. Alternatively, you have the option to return to silver soap. It is offered in small doses in the trade and applied with a sponge on the jewelry. Flushed under running water, the silver jewelery need only be dried with a soft cloth.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Silver can lose its luster not only through the patina of silver sulfide. Also skin deposits, shower baths or makeup make the jewelry to create. For this purpose, a commercially available ultrasonic cleaning device is particularly suitable, as is also used for cleaning spectacles and other small parts.

Silver can therefore be cleaned without any great effort also in the own four walls. Thus, the spontaneous wearing of a jewelery, which has unfortunately started, can be hindered by the fact that it is previously placed in a cleaning solution.