Habits That Can Make You Poor

Our daily expenses are closely related to the lifestyle, habits and hobbies that we enjoy. In relation to spending money, the common thing we sometimes feel is that we find it very difficult to save and save. Moreover, we live in the digital age that every time filled with advertising in various forms to provoke us to act consumptive.

In fact, we cannot deny that we are already living in customers’ culture, where on the one hand, we are always encouraged to buy this and that, while on the other hand we also realize that the consumer culture is not good.

Nonetheless, no one can forbid to buy anything you like when you can afford it. However, having a cautious and wise attitude in spending money is indispensable if you really want to be a successful person. Some of us may underestimate the following things, but do you know the trivial habit if the accumulated results are an unnecessary waste.

Subscribe to TV Cable

It is very satisfying to be able to follow television programs from around the world. But are you aware that the development of technology is now very advanced? The Internet has changed everything much easier. Some websites even provide free streaming or websites that provide live streaming TV and movie services for free. If you want to be really pampered, many TV streaming services that you can subscribe for a much cheaper price.

Too Many Magazine Subscriptions

It’s too unfortunate to pass the interesting info through magazines. However, unknowingly, subscribing to the magazine is not cheap. If you are good at sorting through useful information, by subscribing to the internet, you can even get better information. Even if you are not satisfied with finding interesting info through free service, now many e-zine subscriptions or more precisely stands for electronic magazine, a magazine service through digital media which is also easier and cheaper than print magazines.

Addicted to buying books

How can a book make it poor? Yes, especially if you are not very good at picking out really good books. If you just want to follow the popular books that are almost out every day, you can buy e-books that are usually sold at cheaper prices. Want to be cheaper but effective? Please register for library members.

Addicted to Shop for Branded Goods

Who does not like branded goods? Regardless of the quality is good or not, certainly the branded goods that are expensive. Indeed, there is its own satisfaction of having branded goods. However, branded goods may not be able to fully meet your needs. In fact, sometimes there are certain brands whose price are beyond common sense. If only a bag, many products sold at a price of USD 100 but has a quality that is not much different from branded handbags are sold at a price of USD 1000.

Addicted for Video Games

For the video game enthusiast, you definitely do not hesitate to spend USD 40 every new game appears in the market. In today’s world, this is unnecessary. Use internet technology, expand the network and make friends through online communities. You do not have to worry because there are thousands and even millions of people who have the same hobby. Cooperation and make a deal who should buy the game for the next.

Hunting New Goods

New things like new phones, new cars, and new gadgets are always a magnet that is ready to tempt you every day and is hard to avoid. Even if you have excess money, do not immediately want to buy it because it will greatly disrupt your financial stability. Consider carefully what are the advantages and disadvantages, what are, the more advantages if you buy it, what are the features that you cannot miss, and so forth. Compare to the products you currently have. Do not, you buy items with the same features and quality just because of the more excited ad schemes or slightly more interesting packaging.