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Top 6 Online Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Plastic surgeons should market themselves online if they want to get new clients. Plastic surgery marketing online includes strategies like social media, content marketing, and SEO. While you already could be using a few of these methods, it’s imperative to develop a broad online marketing plan to have a thriving practice. Here are 6 online marketing techniques for cosmetic surgeons that can help you grow your market share and attract more new clients through online searches.


An online website is useless if it’s not backed by good SEO. An efficient online SEO marketing strategy involves attempts revolving around your website. Innovative SEO for plastic surgeons includes methods like link building, keyword research, Meta tags, directory submission, content articles and writing sites, etc. These techniques will drive targeted local prospects to your website.

Use website design

Cosmetic surgeons that have websites have a better online reputation and are easily found. When a visitor arrives at your website, they should see a high-quality site with good content that will make them want to visit your clinic in person. For your plastic surgery website design, be sure to use a professional web design firm, especially one that has extensive knowledge in building medical websites.

Use social media networks

One of the most economical and easiest ways to market your practice is through social media. It’s very important to get started with a site that contains a list of your services, testimonials, and a selection of ‘before and after’ pictures that demonstrate your surgery expertise. Also branch out into several other social networks. Guest blog on reputable plastic surgery websites. Create accounts on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, and link all the accounts to your website so that patients can easily locate you. Do anything possible to reach prospective clients. Thus will strengthen your online presence, possibly leading to a thriving practice.

Use referrals

One of the most-effective and proven methods of gaining new clients is through referrals by satisfied clients. To ensure that patients leave your practice happy, always treat them well and give them as much comfort and care as you can. Quickly respond to their concerns before and after surgery.

Promote through videos online

Videos are a highly popular marketing channel as many people today choose them over plain text content. Videos have a stronger influence on the minds of potential clients than plain text, which may be less convincing. This increases your prospects of turning potential leads into clients.

Practice email marketing

Email marketing offers the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to reach your existing clients. When sending emails, ensure they’re eye-catching, fun and informative, of course. You can list a few offers with a deadline to get your clients to respond immediately.
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