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How to Pick the Right CPE Course Looking for the right continuing professional education (CPE) course must not be confined to a Google search. CPE is a highly valuable learning experience that keeps you and your firm updated on the newest issues in your profession, and lends insight into best practices of the industry in general. So, how exactly do you pick the right CPE course for you? The following are the most important points you should consider: Reputation
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Generally speaking, providers that have great reputations get top marks from trainees when it comes to quality of instructors, course selection, pricing, overall dependability, and plenty others. In today’s high-tech world, it’s easy to learn about out a firm’s reputation – Google it!
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Instructor Quality Anybody who’s been to school knows that the quality of the teacher is crucial to the students’ learning. Find dynamic instructors who really know their thing and totally love to teach. Talk to your colleagues, explore social media and industry boards or search online. Range of Courses Let’s face it: nobody one wants to take the same courses again and again just to pass state CPE requirements. Continuing education has got to offer more than that. It should not just provide major updates on regulatory issues or best practices, but it should as well inspire you to become the best in your field. Having many courses to select from offers all of that – and makes learning a lot more interesting. Course Format Having a course taught by a highly popular instructor is a great idea. However, if you need to travel far to take it, then it’s apparently not a smart option. A CPE provider offering courses in a whole range formats, like webinars, live seminars, individual learning modules, and others, provides a better opportunity for you to design a learning plan that is suitable for you. Price Price is always a consideration for anybody intending to take a CPE program, which is only right. Everybody’s budget is tight. Jetting off to Puerto Rico for a CPE and spa indulgence would be absolute heaven, that’s simply not in the league of most of us. Stick to CPE providers charging cost-effective rates and package deals, including webinars and other forms of reasonably priced instruction. Go for a course provider that has remained in the business for a long, long time. Reputation is crucial, and the same is true for the quality of instructors. Don’t think researching every prospective provider’s history isn’t worth your while. In fact, it can be a lifesaver. You don’t want to be shortchanged for the money you pay. And since there are a lot of providers you can pick from, it may take a little more effort to find the right one for you.