The essential clothes of the men’s wardrobe

Beyond the new fashion trends that change every year, there are some pieces that must be in your collection. The following suggestions are in fact the constant values that are always in fashion and if you have them in your closet, you are ready for any style of dressing, without having to refresh your wardrobe every week.


It may not be the cloth you wear every day, unless, but one is for sure: you will need it anyway. The most likely reasons for having a coat in your wardrobe may be, first of all because you like it and because you want to be noticed by everybody. A coat is an all-time classic cloth, ideal for any age and style.


Every man must have at least one suit. Even if your style is not so formal, you have to own a suit for an extraordinary occasion. The most suitable color for the suit is dark blue, because it is the easiest to wear. You can wear it in the morning with a sweater and not look as formal and, of course, for your nights out, perfectly combined with a white or a blue shirt.

Blue jeans

Everybody has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe, but they may not be in the right color. Dark blue jeans are the best choice, because they are more flattering than the light-colored. Besides, it is a color that can be worn in the morning and evening too.

It would also be nice to be in a straight line, with no extras and signs that can help you in the way you combine it with other clothes. It is mainly worn with everything from a shirt to a casual T-shirt.


The jacket is the overcoat that you can wear in the spring period. In colors of blue, brown, gray, dark or black, it is an excellent and easy choice for you. You can wear it at work or on your walk, wear it with a pair of jeans or trousers and a shirt. You can also combine it with a T-shirt.

Cashmere sweater

The cashmere sweater with V neck must be in your wardrobe. Do not treat it as a luxury item. If you cannot afford an enriched collection of cashmere sweaters, invest at least in a blue, black or gray color that is easier to be combined. The cashmere sweater has a soft texture, it gives you points due to its good quality and you can also wear it as a coat in the spring for your morning or afternoon outings.

White shirt

The white shirt, no matter how cliché cloth is, is a must-have item of your wardrobe. Although everybody advises you to invest in other colors, you should have at least one white shirt in your collection. It is the smartest and easiest choice for any time needed. A skjorter can be combined with everything from a simple pair of jeans to your fanciest suit. It should also be an item of good quality. 100{a78d7ece1deacc277c727d808c920920f9708fb24eb277257735caab23dfcb2e} cotton is everything you need. You can wear it with a sweater and a dark pair of jeans during the week ,and you can also use it for more formal occasions  as it can perfectly combined with your suit and a colored tie or with a blue  trousers and a jacket.

Polo T-shirt

It is the blouse that balances the style between casual and formal dressing. Polo does not have to be expensive to be suitable. Simple cotton polo t-shirt gives the same charm to your outfit as an expensive one. Especially in the summer is the easiest solution to combine with a pair of jean. Prefer a polo t-shirt in blue, dark green or black with thin or heavy stripe, or in a monochrome way and if necessary, wear it with a blazer on top.

Classic shoes

So, all of the above clothes need to be combined with a good pair of shoes. They can be formal sometimes and sometimes trendy and classic too. The range of designs in the “classic shoes” category is, however, enormous. So, you can have your own “classiness” without being the same as the others. You can be different from all the others and the only thing you have to do is to wear a pair of shoes that is absolutely suitable to you.  Remember that you should have at your disposal at least one pair of “classic” shoes, even if you do not wear more than one time per year. You need to be prepared in order to be stylish all the time.

There are also some accessories that any man should have. A nice and expensive watch, a perfume that is suitable for his body and a pair of sunglasses should be in any man’s wardrobe too.