Tips to get ready for your first date.

Most women are anxious when it comes to their first appointment and they do not know where to start from, but because stress is a very bad consultant, take a deep breath and read the tips that follow. You know very well that the first impression is the most important thing for the beginning of a relationship and since men are paying attention to everything, you have to pay attention on the make-up base up and the clothes that are suitable for you to wear.

Natural look

The most important thing about your first date is to manage to leave a good impression, but that does not mean you have to look like some other person. You should however have to be yourself and not be transformed into another woman. This means you should not have an intense makeup that will cover your beautiful face.

Let your natural beauty embrace. You should follow the same rules for your hairstyle too, which should not be excessive. A simple romantic hairstyle will be that you need for the occasion.

Simple eye makeup

In order to emphasize your eyes with your makeup, you should follow the basic techniques for a natural look.

-Spread a bright shade in mild color like pink, white or pale gray on your eye cap and highlight the top with a soft brown shadow.

-Then put eyeliner in powder or black eye pencil over your eyelids and stretch it with a brush as if it is shadow, trying to emphasize the outer corner of your eyes. And of course do not forget the mascara.

Nude lips

In order to be a woman with perfect lips on your first date, you should definitely forget red color as a choice. The best option is to prefer natural colors that make your lips look fuller. A pink color seems a safe option in any case.

Underwear with lace

Even if you are not willing to show it to him, you should wear a pair of fancy and beautiful underwear. Wearing the perfect underwear also raises your own self-confidence. And believe me, men worship women with confidence.

Clothes for a date during the day

If your date is in the morning or early in the afternoon, do not overdo it with your outfit. You should wear a fitting black pants with a top white and jean jacket, with a nice and confortable pair of shoes and a big bag. You do not need more.

Clothes for a date at night

When you are going to meet the man that you are interested in at night, like most of the time, you should wear a classic black dress which is the ideal choice. If you want to choose another color, a blå kjole is a great option too. You will sure have to combine it with high heels and preferably accessories in order to have a much more elegant look.

Moisturize your skin

It is obvious that on this day you want your skin to be soft and shiny and especially your hands. Take care of it with a moisturizing cream that will help your fragrance last longer.

Wear your favorite perfume

If you want to smell very beautiful, in order to charm this man up, you sure do not have to choose a heavy scent. Choose a fruity or slightly spicy one in order to be remembered. Put a few drops on the wrists, throat and behind your ears. If you also wear a dress, it would be good to put a little of it behind your knees.

Prepare your Bag

There are a few things you should have with you and some you will need in case of an emergency situation. What you need to have with you is the following:

– Your mobile phone, which would be good to be in silence mode, in your bag

-Your wallet with money in it, because you do not have to wait for him to pay the bill, no matter if he does.

– Your hair brush, especially if the day is windy

-Facial powder

-Your lip gloss

-Your deodorant and your perfume too

-Condoms. Even if you don’t want to spend the night with this man, you MUST always thing of your protection.

Think positive

An ideal suggestion in order to start this day with joy and power is to do yoga, have a bath and then relax in bed for a couple of hours and just  think how well your date will be. The best thing you have to wear is your most beautiful smile and be sure that you will live one of your most memorable nights.