What does Norton Core do?

Soon to be launched router Norton Core from Norton by Symantec will bring something innovative and new: keeping wifi protected and secure.

What does Norton Core do?

Norton Core router is an ultra secure router, that connects your devices, and monitors them closely for suspicious activity. Norton Core takes the role of your network administrator while you take care of other things.

Game changer

The game changer in wifi security and digital life. Norton Core won’t  let hackers or cyberattackers get away easily and takes action immediately. It will keep your home protected against bad guys.

Innovative protection

Norton Core brings innovation to the table and includes packet inspection, intrusion prevention and Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network to fight off hackers and cyberattackers before they are successful getting your personal information.

Real time protection

Get real time protection and alerts of your wifi security. Norton Core gives you a security score and lets you know how safe your network currently is.

Automatic updates

No need to download updates, Norton Core does automatic software updates to keep your router running smoothly.

Keeps network safe

Norton Core can detect if one of the devices connected to your network is infected and isolates it ,so it doesn’t spread to other devices.

Powerful hardware

Processor of 1.7GHz dual-core chip and 4GB of eMMC flash memory. A standout is the beam forming antenna, which makes router signal superior.

Phenomenal performance ahead of the competition

Superior coverage and range: 4K streaming, 802.11ac WiFi, and speed of 2.5 Gbps.

Long-standing reputation to back it up

Long-standing reputation in the antivirus business  ,now it will protect you from hacking and cyberattack threats.

Mobile app features

Control from any device and see the actual download and upload  speed, find your device, give guests access,  and set up an alarm.

Easy to use and pair

An easy to use router that pairs effortlessly with your device. And can be controlled from your device for any suspicious activity.

Restrict access

Override your connection and restrict family members and children usage. Manage sites that children can/can’t access.

Safety zone

Secure your devices and protect your network from malicious activity. Norton Core has your back and will let you know of a strong risk.

Unique router

Router that doesn’t look like one, but more like a piece of art. A beautiful and stylish geodesic dome shaped router, you’ll feel great showcasing and recommending. Pick from a titanium gold or granite gray color.

Preorder online today

Go for full security protection and get Norton Core. Preorders can be made at Amazon, Best Buy and Norton by Symantec. Place a preorder before July 1 and get $30 off the regular price and free shipping.

Security Plus for a year

You’ll also get a free year of Norton Core Security Plus to protect your network and unlimited number of devices.

A must-buy

The Norton Core router is a must-buy if you are looking for wifi security 24/7.

Visit Norton by Symantec to learn more about Norton Core.