Where to Sell The Best Silk Fabrics in the World

Some of the most beautiful clothes in the world such as kimono from Japan, sari from India, handbook from Korea made of the same material, namely silk. This fabric is touted as a queen of cloth because of its beauty and high quality. Everyone who sees it is always fascinated. But in ancient times, silk cloth was not easy to obtain. The making of silk at that time was monopolized by the Chinese state. None of the other nations know how to manufacture it. Even if there are Chinese people who leaked the secret of making it will be executed as a traitor. No wonder the price of such fabrics is very expensive. As in the Roman region, the price of silk is almost as expensive as gold.

Shortly after, Persia controlled the silk trade made in China. But at that time the price is still high so there are still few people who can afford it.

Silk fabrics have some characteristics that are stronger, shiny, soft on the skin, absorb moisture, and heat resistance.

Here is where the best silk fabric sales in the world.

China. The highest quality silk fabrics are from this country. It has a beautiful color and a soft cloth so it is soft when used. The best silk fabrics are produced in Dandong, Shuzou, Hangzou, and Sichuan cities. The fabrics that are in great demand are those that have become a typical Chinese outfit that is chi pao. There are so many interesting variations like a Baby Blankets Option , silk fabrics and many other.

Souk, Dubai. Souk is one of the markets in Saudi Arabia located in the city of Dubai. Every day the market is busy visited by both local residents and foreign tourists. There is a special market that provides gold. This market is very famous. Here there are lots of unique gold shaped and also gems that are of good quality. There is also a textile market. Located opposite the Bur Dubai River. There are small shops that provide high quality fabrics including silk. The tailors can make clothes according to the desired image within one week only. There are also spices. You will find a prominent chef and a home-cooked cook. There is also a local high quality saffron.